[GUIDE] Automating your broadcast with the Macros extension

Macros Extension

In this post we’re going to talk about how you can make life easier by utilizing our powerful Macros extension or using it to get creative. The macros extension allows you to automate parts of XSplit Broadcaster by providing some kind of trigger such as a hotkey or a scene switch and then providing a bunch of actions that will run or execute when that trigger happens. Using combinations of both, you can make things happen automatically without even having to think.

You can find the Macros extension in the store.


HOT TIP - By using hotkey triggers for macros, you can then add a hotkey action button on your Stream Deck to trigger the macro

Toggling Sources

A very simpe one, the ability to toggle on/off one or more sources based on the trigger you set such as a hotkey. This could be useful in the event you have webcam you want to toggle off or maybe if you want to reveal a source below a source.


Controling Media/Video Playback

Using Macros you can control the playback of a video using hotkeys or other triggers that you set up. This means you can play, pause and stop video files using hotkeys.


Automated Starting Sequence

Play Intro sequences, unmute audio and switch scenes without needing to think about a single thing. Automating things like how you do your stream intorduction means it can be flawless every time.


Scheduled going live


Per Scene Transition


Scene Rotator

Manipulating Project Outputs

A more niche use case but sometimes when using XSplit Broadcaster in a presentation type environment, you may have some scenes where the speaker and projection from the projector is in the same shot which causes an undesired tunnelling effect. With this method, we automatically switch the projector over when we know we’re on a scene where this will happen. This means both the viewers at the event and the broadcast or recording is the best it possibly can be.


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