[GUIDE] Using hotkeys to control project screen

Controlling projector playout with hotkeys

Sometimes you may wish to project scenes to screens programatically or without needing to use the UI. In this quick guide, I’ll show you how you can do that using the Macros extension available in XSplit Broadcaster.

Quick Installation

Get Macros extension
(Requires XSplit Broadcaster 3.9+ to be installed)

Step 1 - Install Macros Extension

Click “Extensions” in the top menu of XSplit Broadcaster, go to “Add Extension” and then click “Find more extensions”. The plugin store will now open, search and find “Macros”.


Step 2 - Create a new macro

  1. Select the event dropdown and select “On key down” - This means the macro will trigger the moment the keys are pressed.
  2. Press the box below the event dropdown and then press your desired hotkey
  3. From the action dropdown, choose “Project scene to screen”
  4. Choose the screen you wish for the projector to show on
  5. Choose the scene you wish to project (This can be a live scene or a specific scene

Step 3 - Enable the event listener

Now, check the option “Enable event listener”, this will activate the macro and make sure that when you press the hotkey you set, it triggers the macro