Has anyone tried VCam with an actual Green Screen?

I normally use a green screen with OBS, and have been reasonably happy with it. I discovered VCam recently and am quite impressed with the quality, especially when compared to stock Zoom Virtual Backgrounds. I love that I can use VCam with OBS.

I’m curious if anyone has experimented with using VCam and a green screen simultaneously. When I use a green screen, I still get a tiny bit of green fringe haloing around myself, and I have to play around with the OBS filter settings. Results are very good, but not perfect. (Maybe I don’t have sufficient lighting on my green screen, but my setup precludes it.)

Might it be possible to use VCam with the background removed, and then additional Chromakey filters in OBS? Or is that going to cause crazy artifacts? I’m not at home to try it. Just wondering.


Hi! As a video source, VCam is fully usable with an app’s properties or filters for video devices. Here’s an example with XSplit Broadcaster:


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