Help needed with new green screen

we are live now we have new green screen live camsi want to put something on the screen screen :slight_smile: help please now :wink: +32 475 28 13 13

Hi, we’re unable to view the stream the stream that was linked. We’ll need to clarify, what problem were you having with your VCam setup and green screen?

If you can, send us a screenshot or short recording of the camera issue instead.

hi we got green screen working now now we want 2nd vcam linked to mobile phone or another video/ does xspliter support multiple vcams? BITCOIN POKER NIGHT TEST - YouTube

Ideally I need multiple VCAMS to one for each player so viewers can view the hold cards. Right now I cant get the VCAM connected to my mobile phone it worked earlier… not now.

Hi! We current have an ongoing feature request for running multiple instances of XSplit VCam. You can upvote that here: