[HELP] Why are my cuts/export not exact?

Why are my cuts/exports not exact?

If you’re reading this, you might have just exported using Express Video Editor and notice how fast it exports your clips compared to a traditional video editor like Adobe Premiere, iMovie or even Windows Movie Maker.

The reason for this is we don’t really re-encode your videos. Express Video Editor takes the raw video data and reassembles it into a new file. Various factors such as how your footage was encoded, codec settings, bitrate, frame rate, would cause some of the issues you may have encountered when exporting clips.

Among the frequently reported issues are:

  • Cuts not being at the exact place where it was made
  • Audio/video going out before the actual cut
  • Stuttering cuts

We can’t account for the numerous things that could be a factor why you’re experiencing these issues, but we are working on allowing you to export the traditional (albeit slower) way. An advantage of how XVE works right now is it can actually handle 4K clips just as fast as 1080p or 720p. For now, you can use XVE to quickly cut up your long gameplay sessions into short clips you can upload to your various social profiles.

For other issues with your clips (won’t import despite being playable, video corruption on playback, unsupported codec despite being in the right format), you can always reach out to our Support.