High CPU Usage in Broadcaster

Hello, I’ve been using Broadcaster for a number of months now with no problems. All of a sudden, and I can’t tell you if it started with the newest update but, my CPU is constantly spiking to about 100% and causing major lag in gameplay.
I’m running GPU priority and have a graphics card. Is anyone else aware of this problem and is there a fix?

Thank you!

Hi! Check first if it’s just a bug in your existing XSplit Broadcaster presentation – save it first, then create a new presentation and see if your CPU usage is still going that high.

Next, try reloading the presentation and see if it still goes up. If it does, you would have to try a new presentation again then re-add the sources. This is to rule out which specific source might be causing that CPU usage spike.

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it does seem to have been the problem. There seems to be a few spikes here and there but nothing that lasts more than a few seconds. Is this normal?
And is the bug within the presentations normal? Part of my game channel is about helping others start there own streams and I’m a big supporter of Broadcaster. Just want to be able to help my viewers with good information.
Thank you!

That’s normal. Sometimes it happens when the app updates, especially if any of the sources is linked to a plugin that was also updated. It’s quickly fixed by reloading the presentation, or re-adding the sources.


Can anyone help with high cpu usage am frastrated