Hobling picture

Hey ,
we are trying out the product to be used in some to be used in some productions.
We are using it with OBS.

We noticed that the image is hopping up and down a lot in obs.
Is this something that can be resolved by settings?
We are using it to get a custom background in obs, with a build in hp hd cam.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Benny Giebens

Hi! Can you send us a quick screen recording of how it looks when the image hops in the OBS window?

Hi, i want to but i cannot upload film here, or link to google drive does not work either

You can create a 321 link for that instead:

What do you currently have set for your Hardware acceleration in VCam’s settings, and what options are selectable on yours in the drop-downs there for Primary and Secondary?
Hardware Acceleration

image it set to automatic

these are the options available

Change the Primary to your CPU (i7-8550U) instead of the GPU (UHD 620). Does the video still tear/jerk after that?