How can I change the camera background in Gamecenter?

I’m using the Gamecaster but I want to change my camera background like in the VCam , is it possible?

Thank you,

Hi there, it is not possible through XSplit Gamecaster unless you would be using Chroma Key. But, you can use VCam along with XSplit Gamecaster.

I tried to open the camera in VCam and opened Gamecaster with it but I got a message in Gamecaster said Camera is busy with other application

It is possible that the camera is already selected on XSplit Gamecaster, on XSplit Gamecsater select VCam as the camera then go back to VCam and select your regular webcam there

Thank you will try it :+1:

You are welcome, let me know how it goes

Thank you it is working fine now :slight_smile:


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