How can I fully remove Xsplit Vcam

I installed Xsplit but could not get it to work with Ring Central video solution.
I removed the application fully … but when I try to connect to any Video calls, it still brings up an option on VCam as the camera …
How do I fully remove VCam - browsers it ‘appears’ in are Chrome & FireFox

my english not good but i can fix that
windown + r :search regedit
next ctrl + f find all folder name xsplit in your pc and delete.

Hi @rick_hughes
Were you using VCam and Ring Central in MacOS or Windows?

browsers it ‘appears’ in are Chrome & FireFox
This may just require a Chrome and Firefox restart (or probably a machine restart), so the available camera sources for the browser will be enumerated again.

Yes it was in Windows.

ResTART was not the solution … browser retart, PC reboot made no difference.
Even using unremove tools did not work.

Finally solution was to go into settings, under camera … and remove Xsplit Vcam as an entry.

It should not need this, it apopears to not follow application install/removal guidelines

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We do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced, if I may ask how did you uninstall XSplit VCam initially? Did you use the Add/Remove Program feature of your Windows PC or used third party application to uninstall?

I downloaded the package and used the .exe installer.