How to add audio only to my scene?


Is there a way to add audio only to a scene? I want to place a picture as a background, then play a pre recorded audio.

Additionally, in other scene, I want to put an image and add a play list of music. How can I do such a thing with xSplit?

You can add the audio recording as a Media File source to that one scene:

You can use XSplit Broadcaster’s Tracktl plugin to add an audio playlist:

Thanks for your help. That video show how to play video content. I want to add audio only in the background.

I installed Tracktl plugin, However, it does not seems to allow me to upload my own music. Is there a way to play music I have on my machine? I don’t mind uploading them if there is a way to do so.

Thanks again

The Media Sources link shows video files, but you can also do the same for audio files. After going to Add source > Media files, select your MP3 (or other sound file) of choice.

That does let you upload your own music files and play them in the XSplit Broadcaster scene, although it don’t have a built-in plugin for uploading multiple audio files as a music playlist.

Thanks for your help again.

I don’t see a way to upload my own music into Tracktl