How to add bit sound alert to gamecaster

Hi, just wondering since I’ve been having trouble looking for the source that I can add so that when people buy bits the sound alert shows in xsplit. It’s called browser source are there anyway to add it or will I have to switch to obs?

Hi there, are you using Strealambs url? If yes, you can go to the scene editor then go to Add Widget > Streamlabs and paste your Streamlbs url there.

No I am using xsplit gamecaster, but on twitch after getting affiliate I can use bits but it gives me instruction to add url but I can’t find where to put it in gamecaster

Hi there, could you provide a sample of it? At the moment XSplit Gamecaster has a built-in widget called Cheer Alert where it triggers when someone send a cheer to your channel using bits.

Other than that, XSplit Gamecaster can only accept Streamlabs URL for other alerts/widgets

You can create/customize your own alerts in Gamecaster.

If you add and/or select your existing cheer alert, in the properties panel on the right there’s an option to add audio

If you wish to do tiered cheer alerts, add more cheer alerts and adjust the minimum cheer amount (Min. Amount)