How to convince Firefox not to use VCam (or how to toggle off VCam system-wide)?

I’m a new user of VCam. The answers to my questions are probably immediately obvious to experienced users, but I’m baffled.

My intent was to use VCam only to provide a virtual background for a web conferencing application that doesn’t have that function - Blackboard Collaborate (an academic distance learning application).

I find however that the VCam with virtual background has become the default (and seemingly unchangeable) video device where I didn’t intend that to happen - particularly, in the Grandpad Central website via Firefox. Grandpad Central itself has no function for the user choose a video device, and it’s not clear to me how / where to make such a selection in Firefox itself. (I’ve set Firefox’s “Use the Camera” permissions to “use default” unchecked and “allow” selected, but I still see no prompt or selection.)

Can someone tell me how to convince Firefox overall (or that one site) to give me the option of using my “real” webcam and not just default to the VCam? Or, alternatively, is there a convenient way to toggle off VCam except when I really want to use it?

Thanks in advance for your help (and patience with a newcomer)!

Hi! VCam doesn’t have a built-in function for switching it off like that – it would have to be manually closed. However, we do have an ongoing feature request for this, which you can upvote here: On/Off-Button for ebcam - XSplit VCam

For now yo would have to manually select the webcam in Firefox’s settings.

Thank you for the quick help, Batolomew!

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