How to set up the size of the window in smart selection to output full screen in 1980x1080?

My monitor is 4500x3000 (Surface Studio), and I am trying to capture the portion of the screen and output 1980x1080. However, the output video does not fit the entire screen.

Is there any way to control the size of the window I am trying to capture in smart selection? All I see is a visual way to define this window. I would rather set up the window size in advance, and then to resize my apps so that they are in this screen region. I am a newbee and any help is appreciated.

IIf this is not possible, it would be terrific if the developers add this option in the future. The frame of the selection should be seen during the recording.


Thank y four reaching out to us, you can change the resolution by right clicking on the window capture (smart selection) then on the capture tab you can adjust the height and width there.

Thank you!

I can do that, but changing the parameters does not tell anything about the actual area I am trying to capture, right? Is there any way to see, after manual adjusting parameters, what area of my screen will be captured? I guess what my suggestion was :

  • make a 1920x1080 window on my screen and let me adjust (move and extend) it by dragging the borders/corners in a way that preserves the 1980x1080 final resolution.
  • Make the borders of this area visible during recording, so that if I start my apps, I could fit them to that window.

Yes, you can check the Layout tab in the source’s properties. It also lets you set the specific dimensions of the capture region.


wtf is this bull shit so hard to use omg !! i have a tiny damn screen capture in the middle of the screen and two black areas on top and on bottom i am trying to capture a full screen but this bull shits so hard to use omg wtf

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what you mention is not even working for me f i am so damn frustrated why why why im about to just give up on this streaming shit obs is not this hard to use to resize my damn window i should be able to just drag and stretch it out or undo now even if i creat a new scene it is the same bull shit