How to stop exposure from changing

I have manually setup my vcam exposure to match my lighting, but it is constantly getting reset when I make any change in my meeting software. It does not seem to matter what the product is, Teams, GotoMeeting or Skype. My past settings for exposure are reset to automatically and I have to manually switch them back to manual. Any ideas how to keep the settings intact?

Hi there, on VCam click on the gear icon in the upper right corner just beside your camera selection to open up the camera settings. On this settings window look into exposure and make sure it is not set to auto.

I think you misunderstand. It is that check box that keeps changing. I set it to manual and when I turn on the camera in the meeting the check box is switched back to auto.

I see, thank you for the clarification. Have you tried changing this directly on the webcam app? Since this settings are from your webcam. May I also ask which webcam are you using?

AVerMedia CAM 313 Live

I do not use the app that came with it. I only use vcam.

I see, have you tried using AVerMedia CAM 313 Live on other application to see if you would have the same issue where the camera settings is not being saved?

I’d like to add that I have the same problem - meeting software (e.g. Zoom) resets/modifies the camera settings.
Vcam should offer a “locked mode” switch. When locked, any requests for changes (exposure, resolution, …) by software outside Vcam should be ignored. Vcam should then be the only software that can open the webcam’s settings dialog.
That’s the beauty of a virtual cam between a meeting software and the actual hardware cam.

I use vcam because the manufacturers’ software is generally limited. I would think it would be easy to have a feature that locks the exposure settings when I use vcam. I assumed it would do this when I first got it, but unfortunately I was using it with a DSLR at the time where I set the exposure settings directly on the camera. I have the problem now that I have switched to a typical webcam that does not have such settings directly on the device.

VCam currently does not save the webcam settings, but this is already in our timeline. I’ll keep you guys posted!


looking forward to this. Having to change back some settings all the time is fairly bothersome.
In the meantime, is there a workaround for this?

Sorry @ray, there is no workaround atm.

I’m having the same problem with my Logitec C920 webcam.

For Logitech you might want to install their proprietary webcam software (it’s free usually), and make your settings (Exposure, Aperture, etc.) there.
For other brand webcams, I’m afraid there are some manufacturers that don’t provide any software at all, e.g. my own rather cheapo webcam. Thus we’re at the mercy of whatever algorithm is imposed by our videoconferencing software of choice, e.g Zoom, Skype, etc.

+1 for this feature. The logitech c930e doesn’t allow for modification of exposure settings in the logi app, but it can be changed in VCam. Unfortunately, the exposure (and other settings) resets between calls. It’d be great if the values set in VCam would just lock and override everything else.

There is a new VCam installer version (2.1.2101.0603) available for download in (though not yet available through in-app update). This version now saves the webcam settings, so even if you restart your machine it should load the last webcam settings.

However, the auto-exposure setting it still always enabled due to delay issues (15 fps streams gets delayed likely due to some offset in timestamps) with some cameras like c920 and c922.
But forcing the auto-exposure to be enabled will be removed in our next update. A fix was made and already passed our QA. :slight_smile: