How to stream to Facebook Groups

When using XSplit Broadcaster’s Facebook Live plugin, you may notice that it includes your Timeline and your Page, but not your Facebook Group. This is because Groups were removed from the Facebook Live plugin due to Facebook’s security settings.

To stream on a Group, you would have to use the Custom RTMP plugin instead. You can follow XSplit’s guide on that here:

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I have followed the instructions in the link and set up a custom RTMP for the group i want to stream to. But when i get to the Going Live section I don’t get a preview window but it says i am broadcasting, The group I have selected are not receiving the stream. have i missed something?
Any help much appreciated.

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The link you have is broken. Are there new instructions anywhere?

Hi there @bubblegumsenpai! I updated the link so it should be good now :slight_smile: