How to Use XSplit VCam with two webcams simultaneosuly

I’ve just bought XSplit VCam to remove backgrounds of course.
I am using it to send webcam output to OBS
However I have 2 webcams and would like to display them both at the same time in and OBS Scence.
(I can do it without using VCam)

When I try to add a second VCAM I either get the same camrea in both windows or Nothing in both windows as I select different cameras in VCAM.

How do I get two sources of VCAM into OBS at once?
Looked around and googled it and can’t find anything.

Best wishes

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Hi @terry,

Currently you can only use one camera source at a time in VCam app. Where ever you use VCam, whether in a streaming app (XSplit Broadcaster, OBS) or video conferencing app (Skype, Zoom…) it will always show the camera feed that you see in your VCam app.

When will you begin to support running more than one instance of VCam? Surely that can’t be too difficult?


At the moment no plan for his yet, but do post this as a feature request here