I can't change any fonts

When i add Text, i can’t change any fonts.
fonts list is black. i can choose nothing.
Whta should i do?
i already reinstalled.
xsplit ver. 4.1.2104.2312

Hi there, are you still experiencing this issue? If yes, can you provide us a screenshot of your Font list in XSplit?

Can you also make sure that all plugins are updated in XSplit by going to Tools > My Plugins

Hi thank you for responding this.
I checked “My Plugins”. I don’t have any updates.
I still have this problem. I’m Japanese. So perhaps Xsplit has some 2 bytes issue?
I paste a screenshot. Is this OK?

Let’s check if it’s something that’s specific to Japanese settings. Does it still have that issue if you change the settings to English?

I changed the setting to English. But it didn’t work.
Do you have any idea for this issue?

Are you manually typing the text or copy and pasting them? And, to clarify before adding texts you are able to change fonts correct?

To rule out language compatibility, could you try changing your PC’s language/region