I don't use anything from Xsplit, why should I?

I actually have a lifetime license here, I told myself I’d use the software as soon as I get a webcam
So that I use the Vcam software

Slowly learned that this brand has its own OBS like software as well
But I use SL(OBS) and everything is working fine, it has integrations to the platform I stream to
So I don’t think I’ll be switching from it anytime soon

Now they came out with this video
Seems like it does just what Vcam does
I now have no reason to use anything from Xsplit

Are there certain features it can offer me over the others?
Does it’s broadcast and record software do something the others don’t?

The new camera software by nvidia is fairly new
So there at least has to be some advantage to using Xplit over it right?

To put it bluntly, I kinda want Xsplit to win me over.
It’s not free so it should have something that’s worth the price right?
And to be honest I don’t know a thing about Xsplit

Hi there, RudyTheNinja!

We’re happy that you’re giving XSplit the chance to prove itself a worthy application for all your streaming/recording needs.

It’s true, many companies (such as Nvidia) have been developing software similar to what VCam does. We ourselves are excited about these developments. It creates a healthy competition amongst software creators, which paves the way for the apps to improve further.

1. XSplit apps are ALWAYS in active development:
We have just released VCam 2.0 https://www.xsplit.com/vcam which is a great improvement over our previous version (version 1.2) in terms of background removal quality, among many other things. Not only that, we take user suggestions seriously–so serious, we have these ideas page so we can keep track of features our users want for all our apps.

XSplit Broadcaster
XSplit Gamecaster
XSplit VCam
XSplit Video Editor

Take a look at these ideas pages and see what features are already implemented, and what other features are coming very soon! Rest assured XSplit will stay for many years to come and will only get better and better.

2. We have 24/7 support
Should you have questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, ANYTHING really, you have our friendly support team waiting to assist you! We never sleep :smiley: We cover different shifts to make sure we’re available to help you out round-the-clock. (except some major holidays, of course)

If you have a specific streaming/recording setup in mind, and would like to know if that’s possible with XSplit, feel free to let us know!

You mentioned you hardly know anything about XSplit, feel free to ask us anything and we’ll answer them for you. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for you answer, I will give these a look as soon as I get the chance

I like how SLOBS has integrations with Twitch, like the widgets, alerts, and even the bot
Would the broadcaster/gamecaster have anything similar

I am interested in the features that Vcam will have, since the Nvidia software hasn’t been around as long as the Vcam for Xsplit

I was watching a streamer with the new Nvidia software, and i was amazed when i saw he was not using a green screen at all. and it was perfect background removal.

I’ve used Vcam in the past, and while it did a pretty good job, it wasn’t perfect.

I was hoping Vcam would take a page from whatever Nvidia did (since i don’t have an RTX card), and i come to find there’s a new update. I can see it’s improved a few things, but still not perfect.

If i may make a solid suggestion, why not add a feature to where you can take a picture of the current background with the webcam (no chair, no user present) and then, the user can take a seat, and the camera will know exactly what to keep, and what to remove based on the picture you took as reference (afterall, the background won’t be changing, assumingly)

Hello, it’s been awhile

Xsplit is always at the back of my mind as I’m always looking to improve my setup

I was wondering what the difference between the Broadcaster and the Game caster is

XSplit Broadcaster’s a bit more advanced with no built-in templates, but more advanced settings and a wider range of possible sources for each scene.

Gamecaster is designed more for ease of use with built-in premade overlay templates.

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