Ideal Bitrate values for your stream (plus link)

So what is Bitrate?

Bitrate is the amount of data you’re sending to the site you’re streaming to.

A higher bitrate improves the overall visual quality of your stream, but will require a higher upload speed from your network. Set the Bitrate too low and your stream will appear blurry to your viewers, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Balance is everything when it comes to streaming, your settings for the following will make or break your stream:

• Network (upload speed)
• Bitrate
• Resolution
• Framerate

Twitch has a very useful link that will give you a summary of ideal Bitrate values, depending on the resolution/frame rate of your stream:

When in doubt, refer to the link above :slight_smile:


I use 1500 bitrate with 2 upload

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