In-Game Lag while streaming League of Legends

Hi! So I just started using Xsplit Gamecaster and I was having problems on in-game latency while streaming during gameplay of League of Legends. When i stream, my ping hovers around 100ms but when I turn off streaming, it comes back to the normal 16-20ms range. I’m currently not having the same problems when streaming other games (e.g. CS:GO). I also tried lowering the bitrate from 2500 to 1800. I’m currently streaming at 720p. Can you help me?

Based on my experience, League of Legends requires a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection. Streaming also uses bandwidth resources in your Internet connection and it may deprive the game from the required bandwidth. This may be the cause of the issue. Try to run an upload speed test at In order to stream without affecting the game, you should have a minimum upload speed of twice your streaming bitrate (e.g. if you want to stream with a bitrate of 2500 kbps or 2.5 Mbps, you should have an upload speed of at least 5000 kbps or 5 Mbps). Otherwise, you may consider upgrading your Internet connection or choosing other ISPs.

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