Installation Issue - Downloading GPU Support?

I’ve been re-installing my PC and today when I try to install VCam, towards the end of the installation the status changes to ‘downloading files’ and then fails with the following message:

The installer was unable to download some files needed to allow XSplit VCam to support hardware acceleration using your NVIDIA GPU. You can still use XSplit VCam once installation is finished, but its performance may not be optimal.

It then says to contact support with error code 88. I didn’t get this message on any previous installations over the previous few days, and XSplit appears to be working, but I’m worried I’m not getting the best looking results. This is a clean install, with the very latest drivers for everything. Might this just be a server issue today or does anyone have any experience with error 88?

AMD Threadripper 1950X · Asus X399 Prime A · Nvidia 1070Ti · Windows 10 Pro (1909)

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Hi there, if I may ask what is the XSplit VCam installed? And, can you make sure that your NVIDIA 1070 Ti drivers are up to date?

Sorry, please delete this topic, as I’m too stupid to live.
It was a courrupted firewall - the msiexec wasn’t getting through even when disabled.
Totally uninstalled and reset network - boom, worked first time.
I knew it was something to do with server contact!

I do get the same error message on install.
It is a company machine and I have no control over the firewall. Internet access is handled by a proxy server like in every big company. For me it looks like the installer is not using the systems proxy to download this NVIDIA GPU acceleration driver.
How to manually setup proxy for the installer?

Hi! Try this fix:

  1. Download his .zip file.
  2. Create a folder at: C:\ProgramData\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit VCam\Components\NVIDIA
  3. Extract the .zip’s contents into that NVIDIA folder, then retry the installation.