Installation Warning Ursu.808601

I came across Installation Warning with AMP with the message of "XSlit_Vcam_Updateer.exe is detected as “Gen:Variant.Ursu.808601” virus.

Let me confirm how I can install the XSlit Vcam in the computer?



The file version is as follows:


I got a virus alert too from Bitdefender when trying to update.


Me too. I have Bitdefender and it quarantined XSplit_VCam_Updater.exe having determined it is infected with Gen:Variant.Ursu.808601. Install then fails; “Source file not found…” Abort Retry Ignore. Other than restoring the file from quarantine, every option either loops or fails the install and it rolls back.

Although, I would note that this thread is in VCam PTR – my install was from a production link.


FOLLOWUP: Current PTR (XVC_Installer_2.0.2008.2502.exe) works – no virus alert. PTR VCam installs without alert/quarantine from Bitdefender.


me too, exactly the same problems


Apologies for this issue, we are currently investigating this and hope to get this resolved soon.


Hi guys, I was able to replicate the issue. But some time after I did a re-install of BitDefender, I have successfully installed VCam 2.0.2011.1701. Can anyone please confirm if they’re able to install 2.0.2011.1701 now? :slight_smile:

Yes, my last try allowed to install Vcam. Thank you! Now it works

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HitmanPro.Alert 3.7.14 build 797 quarantines the same “Gen:Variant.Ursu.808601” making a new install or update fail.
Had to do an install of 1.2.2004.2201 to keep something working pending a hopeful fix for 2.0.2011.1701

I had a copy on my disk, but I have moved on and successfully installed 2.0.2008.2502 PTR (imported my backgrounds when prompted), as barelyzen suggested above, which is on this Xsplit link:

We are still investigating this issue, but It seems there’s no threat detection anymore with BitDefender. I have successfully installed 2.0.2011.1701.

Here’s the link for the previous VCam version 2.0.2010.2901 ->
This is higher than the latest PTR version available.

VCam 2.0.2010.2901 may be able to detect your mobile phone via XSplit Connect : Webcam mobile apps, but please note that this version does not have the latest fixes and improvements (including USB connection) for using XSplit Connect : Webcam as your source.

I’ll let you know asap when there’s a new update on this issue.