İnstant replay With touch portal

hello ı uploaded a video about how to make instan replay and how to do it Touch portal to your streams and recordings gonna be looks more professional

here is the link Xsplit Instant Replay +Touch Portal - YouTube

anything need ? please just comments below on this topics

have a great day!!

(language is turkish )

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Thank you Yusifov Zade. Is it possible if you all can make future videos on how to stop common mic issues such as echoes, unwarranted soundfeedback and volume issues? Another topic that must be discussed is how certain games/programs lag when Xsplit Broadcaster is streaming. For instance, Guilty Gear Strive/Power Rangers Battle for the Grid runs perfectly on my Lenovo y50-70. But the moment I run Xsplit Broadcaster, the frame rate of those games drop. I am not sure what to do in order to fix this. Hoping to hear back from you soon!

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hello mate ! how you doıng? ofc ı have trips and tricks for stream programs. But ı dont reccoment 1 setup pc stream for recordıngs. if you tell me about your system and your eg. (cpu gpu ram vıdeo cam capture card mic like thta ) i can help you bro.

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Thanks so much here are my specs:
Processor: Intel ® Core ™ i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60 GHz 2.60
Installed Ram: 16.0
Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M

It’s not great but it is all I got for now. Plus I am dealing with some serious issues with gamecaster. The issues are as follows:

  1. I can’t add a transparent background to Veeseeface nor Veadotube mini
  2. Layering organization
  3. Instant slow down in the editor mode, but the stream runs perfectly.

I don’t know what to do.

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oh. ı thınk your specs. not good… example ı have rx580 8gb ryzen 53600x and somethımes ı get freezıng too :blush: u can try add step by step and u can fınd whıch one ıs makeıng the problem for you. example if you use 4 scene and 4 scenes has a web cam ıf your cpu not good ıt will frezze . ın old days ı used just web cam and 1 scene 1 alert box thats ıt…
if you go more u wıll gg …
or you can try down do reseletion maybe ıt can work and yes ıts look freezıng on program but ın stream ıts perfect same me …on stream

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Afternoon Yusifov and I see. However, all other programs work just fine. Gamecaster just flat out lags on me no matter what I do. So I am guessing that Gamecaster is not Vtuber friendly yet?

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ı thınk provlem ıs vtub. it need strong CPU, so minimum Ryzen 7/i7. and 16 gb plus ssd … if u want contact me and send me your files (avatars or sources u usıng…) i can share screen on dc than we can make same scenes and sources like urs to my xsplit and we can check it out ıts laggın or sometthıng @whypeoplewhyy