Integrated Twitch chat issue

This is indeed an integrated Twitch chat, as not having any Twitch plugin or widget installed, still have the “feature” available when streaming. Now on to the issues with this “feature”.

At the time when there were a link to a working LIVE help chat for XSplit products, I notified support that the Twitch overlay doesn’t accurately show the amount of viewers (it shows 0, which I know is wrong)… that was 2+ years ago and the issue still persist… REALLY!

Additionally, and I am not sure in which update, but viewers used to have different colors (just like the real Twitch chat, though not those exact same colors)… now they ALL have the same purple color.

Is there somewhere in the near future you can allocate resources to fix these issues? …the viewers sharing the same purple color is the most important one to get fixed (in my opinion)