Intense Stream Delay/Lag

Anytime I try to stream something to Twitch using XSplit Broadcaster, it lags so bad that the program is rendered completely useless. To be clear, my game runs just fine, and looking at the XSplit dashboard doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary, but what me and my audience sees on Twitch is unwatchable. This all started about a week ago when I updated XSplit Broadcaster to its latest version. Everything was working perfectly fine up until that point. I made no changes to my settings, I haven’t been attempting to stream any new games I haven’t before, there’s no recent NVidia driver update that could’ve messed things up… I’m at a complete loss. I’ve tried changing the encoder, I’ve tried having custom stream setting rather than the default ones, I’ve tried a variety of different games and nothing works. I’ve been forced to use OBS instead, but I personally greatly prefer XSplit. Any ideas on where I could start to try and fix this? Could it be due to the update, or does the issue perhaps lie with Twitch seeing as how my game and the Broadcaster app itself don’t seem affected?

I am also experience the same thing. Since the update, my Stream had intense Delay. I had to cancel stream because it was soo bad.

Add me to the list of those encountering this issue. Rolled back to 4.0 and the delay is gone. Using RTMP sources and direct audio feed from sound board.

Hello! sorry to hear about the issue you have encountered. Could you send us a screenshot of your stream settings? Also, the General and Advanced tab found in Tools > Settings of XSplit Broadcaster.

Here are my stream settings. I fiddled with them a little bit once the problem first occurred, but they’re back to the way they were before I started having trouble.

General settings.

And Advanced settings.

Hello! Thank you for the screenshots, we’ll keep them handy before guiding you to making any changes when necessary. Just to clarify, when you mean the XSplit dashboard, are you referring to the preview in your XSplit Broadcaster?

Also, the video encoding option is for you to select which hardware’s resources you will be using to stream, and the Custom RTMP plugin is to provide an alternate output for you to stream onto livestream platforms such as Twitch.

Upon checking the screenshot of your Twitch properties, I have noticed that you have set your bitrate to 5000 with a 1280x720 resolution output. Please try lowering your bitrate to around 3000 - 4000. It’s important as the bitrate you set could also affect the viewers, as the bitrate also impacts how much data they can receive on their devices. At the same time, please try setting your Video FPS to 30 and see if that minimizes the lag you are experiencing on stream.

Please restart your XSplit Broadcaster in Administrator mode (found in File > Restart in Administrator mode) and check the box that says “Enable GPU priority” in your General settings. This option helps force your XSplit Broadcaster take some GPU resources in order to boost your stream.

The Bitrate lowering wouldn’t do much for him, because we can prove with my settings as it is a lower bitrate.

I also use my CPU to do the Encoding because my GPU will process the game. I don’t want to tank my GPU as it is older.



I had to revert to an older version of XSplit to get my FPS back and stability of the Software. The latest version have issues… What changed from this version (below):