Introduce yourself

Who are you?
What do you do?
When do you do it?
And all other tings that comes to mind.
In a neat manner of course :wink:

Well, let’s start this myself.

I am Eduard Frankes,
I’m the founder and chairman of CABNL (Cosplayers Against Bullying Netherlands).

We are an foundation active against Bullying, in any form where and when it occurs …
Also Sexual harassment, depression and other things we can help and talk about.
We have a Motivational speaker, Pose Coach, and are just generally very nice people. Loves all and all Love

We go to Cosplay conventions, in the Netherlands and invite people to come and have a talk if they need to. Everyone who comes to us with a frown, leaves with a smile.
It’s wat we do, make people confident and feel good about themselves.
We have an ear that listens, without judging or prejudice and if needed a shoulder to cry one.

Now with covid-19 raging the planet we’ve found that an online presence is needed.
To comfort the once that need it.
To tell other’s it’s okay to be scared.
To be able to show cosplays, even though we are not at conventions.
to share the love of cosplay, with other who do not know this.
To explain what cosplay is, and what it does, and stands for.

To show, although we are not at a convention, we are still open for talks, hugs, and talks online.

Mind you, we might even do this on conventions, to show the ones that are unable to come to a conventions what it’s like and thus bring them the joy at home.

Thank you Xsplit :heart::ok_hand: