Iriun Webcam Support?

Hello! First post here after recently finding your software, looks really interesting and I want to try it BUT… I use Iriun to use my Phone as a webcam, VCam does not find it? Wondering if perhaps I am missing something or if its just not supported?

Looking forward to some responses so I can hopefully get this up and running!


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Same problem here. DroidCam works, but for some reason VCam can’t find the Iriun camera.

Same issue, using the phone usb webcam app iriun which is detected and works in gamecaster, but is not detected by vcam for some reason.

edit: I i tested ivcam and this is working. 720p works in xsplit vcam, but switching to 1080p stretches out the vcam canvas below the video. same issue with 4k

Hi there, at the moment Irium is not yet compatible on VCam. For now I advise to forward this as feature request here