Is free version Broadcaster a time-limited live stream?

I’m new to XSplit and I’m currently evaluating the free version by sending a (dummy) live stream to Youtube.
This worked just fine for some time now, but then I noticed Broadcaster just stopped broadcasting. Without any visible error message. Eventually, I was able to manually resume it (same Youtube stream, previously set to auto start).
Just to stop again a few minutes later (perhaps an hour(?) later).

I understand that this may happening for a number of reasons… but could it be because of some kind of Broadcaster free version limitations?

Anyway, does Broadcaster have some kind of logs that may give me a hint? The exact time the broadcast has stopped and a possible reason would be really helpful!
To be clear, I rather not be looking at developer logs.
By doing some digging, I learned that I could either produce “Advanced” logs or “MS DebugView” logs. Are these my only choices? Can’t I check somewhere some “Simple” logs (hopefully included by default) that give me a hint of when and why Broadcaster just stopped broadcasting?

Thank you!