Is there any way to use XSplit VCam (or maybe other soft I do not know about) as microphone hardware?

I am having a problem lately… I work while traveling, often I am in distant places (mountains etc). I just broke my microphone and I am supposed to start a lecture in few days. Is there any way I could use the XSplit input from my phone as a audio provider? I do not need cam for a moment (this works great) but I would love to use the signal from phone app as a source of audio. It would be helpful if the audio could be recognized as virtual hardware by my pc. Anyone?

Sorry, the mobile XSplit Connect Webcam doesn’t have a mic function – it’s solely for use as a remote camera in XSplit VCam.

While XSplit Broadcaster does have built-in audio settings for recording and streaming, it would not be usable as an audio input for another app.