Is this set up possible with the Wave 3 and Broadcaster?

Hello there, I wonder if the community can help?

Right now I have a Voicemeeter set-up so I can have game audio and team chat and my mic in Discord and it all outputs to XSplit for streaming, but getting the sound levels right is a bit fiddly - as someone who uses XSplit Broadcaster to capture vids I have varying amounts of success in getting levels right, especially when I have guests on. In the last few days I’ve done two videos, one where I can just plug everything into Broadcaster and it just works, and the other where I was playing with guests through Discord and despite thinking the levels were OK in testing, you can barely hear the background at all on the finished product.

I’ve invested in a Elgato Wave 3 with its Wave Link software, but I can’t get my head around what should go where to get the same effects. In theory I feel like I should have much more control of the levels with the Wave 3 software, but I can’t quite figure out how to get the Game Audio in with the Discord Chat and then outputting it all to Broadcaster, without it echoing to people, what leaps of logic am I missing in trying to get the same or similar effects with the Wave Link?

Any help appreciated!


I haven’t had hands-on with the Elgato Wave 3, but based on how it has software that handles mixing of inputs and playback outputs, it’s very very similar to Voicemeeter. Only thing I can see is that it’s user interface is a bit more user friendly.

Can you share more information about how you have everything hooked up right now?

Based on just what you described, what could be happening is that you hear proper audio on your speakers/headphones, but they’re not actually how it sounds on the stream because XSplit is capturing a different mix/output from Voicemeeter.

Other than checking that my audio levels on the right output are good in Voicemeeter (Banana or Potato?), I’d also give a test listen using XSplit’s Audio Preview just to be sure.

Based on the Wave 3’s UI, it simplifies this process into Stream Mix and Monitor Mix which is way more helpful and visual. Monitor Mix is what you hear on your headphones or table speakers, the Stream Mix is what your viewers will hear, or what will be on the recording.

So let’s say you add your Wave 3, System Sound (to get game audio), Discord (to get your team chat) as Inputs:

  • Ideally set Monitor Mix and Stream Mix output levels to the same so you can get 1:1
  • Have a friend help out in Discord and hop in voice chat, then balance the volume of your own voice and their voice. Link Monitor and Stream volume for now.
  • Based on that, you can play some audio through the game, or whatever else you’ll be having on stream
  • Once you have that baseline you can start adjusting, by muting your own voice on your monitor mix for starters, making sure it still outputs to stream. If you don’t want the game to be too loud on stream but loud on your headphones, set it now
  • Once you’re done, make sure that the device that you have set up as Stream Mix output in the Wave Link software is what you’ll set as the System Sound device in XSplit
  • No need to add your Microphone again to XSplit, or any other audio source because you did all the mixing in the Wave Link software

I could explain how to do this in Voicemeeter too but really, I think Elgato did a good job in simplifying the process on their software.

Thanks very much Di! I shall have a look and give it a try. I think the logical leap I couldn’t quite get my head around is getting the game sound in the Discord chat and also the stream without it echoing for one or the other. Needless to say, Wave Link’s quick ability to let me monitor audio output is a big plus.

I can’t post links, but if you Google ‘Bother’s Bar Streaming Setup 2020’ that’ll show you how I had my VM (Banana) set up. A more technical minded friend and I spent several hours trying to get this right for Jackbox nights and whatever, so I thought I’d write it up for others. If I can do the same for Wavelink I’ll be very happy.

No prob! For that type of stream where you’re playing a game with other people via Discord, I think software mixers like Voicemeeter really help. Though I have to be honest, sometimes I still really get lost in Voicemeeter’s UI! :sweat_smile:

I think hold on to Voicemeeter (or even just the VB-Cable devices) even if you have Wave Link, having additional virtual devices you can isolate audio through always helps against loopback in these types of setups.

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