Issues with version 2.0.2007.1509

Hopefully this is the way to report issues with a beta…
In version 2.0.2007.1509 I have the following issues.

  1. The remove loading screen is kind of broken. It does not always work. I noticed that after a reboot especially it will still show a couple of times.
  2. When I close the cover on my webcam, the old version would properly show just the background. Starting with the first beta, it shows a random black blotch in the middle of the image.
  3. When you first start the app, even though I have the background blur to 0 (none), the background is blurred. The workaround is to set the blur value to anything then back to 0. This will work until the next time you start (this is a new issue in the latest beta).

Hi! Try this first: Uninstall that PTR version of VCam, and the non-PTR version too if you still have it on your machine. After that, reinstall just the PTR and see if you still encounter the same problems.

Hi @ken,

  1. Are you running VCam in a windows admin or local user? Please try to run VCam as admin, and see if the loading screen issue persists.
  2. We are investigating the cause of the black blob issue while we are also working on to implement an option to disable webcam in your virtual camera feed.
  3. This is fixed. Besides making sure you have a clean PTR installation (as suggested in above comment) please try the latest PTR version 2.0.2008.0701 -

For this latest PTR I completely uninstalled and deleted any remaining files and registry entries. Rebooted then installed then installed 2.0.2008.0701.

  1. I am not running as admin. I will give this a try.
  2. Good to hear.
  3. The blur issue is gone.

Located the app “C:\Program Files (x86)\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit VCam\x64\XSplitVCam.exe”
Clicked on properties and selected the Compatibility tab. Checked “Run this program as an Administrator”. So if I manually start the app I see it’s running as admin (have not verified this will fix the issue). But it the app is auto started by say Zoom or Goggle Meet it looks like it’s launched by XSpltVidSvc.exe so not run as admin.

Ran manually as admin, same issue with the logo. The first time you run Zoom, Teams, or Meet, after a reboot the logo appears.

Hi @ken, I was able to replicate the loading “logo” screen showing after a reboot. I’ll create a ticket for this and send it to our developers for investigation.

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Would be really good to get this fixed. The loading screen is really annoying. I don’t think any paying customer wants it?

@ken @Petter Please update to the latest PTR version -> [RELEASE] VCAM PTR - Aug 25, 2020. We made a fix for the loading screen issue. Please let me know how it goes.

Yes it works! Thanks a lot!

So far so good. Seems to be working now.