Issues with version 2.0.2007.1509

Hopefully this is the way to report issues with a beta…
In version 2.0.2007.1509 I have the following issues.

  1. The remove loading screen is kind of broken. It does not always work. I noticed that after a reboot especially it will still show a couple of times.
  2. When I close the cover on my webcam, the old version would properly show just the background. Starting with the first beta, it shows a random black blotch in the middle of the image.
  3. When you first start the app, even though I have the background blur to 0 (none), the background is blurred. The workaround is to set the blur value to anything then back to 0. This will work until the next time you start (this is a new issue in the latest beta).

Hi! Try this first: Uninstall that PTR version of VCam, and the non-PTR version too if you still have it on your machine. After that, reinstall just the PTR and see if you still encounter the same problems.