Issuse Vcam driver

i had problem with vcam driver, i cant use any program… how can i fixed this issuse?

Good day, have you tried reinstalling VCam? First, uninstall VCam then get the PTR version of VCam here:

After that, during the installation make sure that install hardware driver is checked when prompted during installation.

Then reboot/restart your PC after the installation to make sure changes has been applied.

what is this, what was problem in driver?
is it good or bad?
after finish installation, i cant find Vcam drive, its not support in skype, or any other software.

Hi there! Were you getting this warning the moment you start installing VCam as suggested in your image? if yes, then you should allow the installation :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, do you mean you are unable to find VCam as a camera option in Skype?

VCam should appear as a camera you can select in Skype. However, you need to make sure you are using this version of Skype: . The normal Windows 10 app version of Skype won’t work with VCam at the moment, so please replace that version with this one and try again.

Please do the following simple steps and see if it will work:

  1. Install the Content creator’s version of skype
  2. Install VCam
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Run VCam and set it up for us with your webcam
  5. Run Skype and select XSplit VCam as your camera

If you have other questions/concerns, feel free to ask us anytime :slight_smile: