Known Issues and bugs

Here are a list of known issues that we’ll be looking to address over the next while.

Known Issues

  • Google Slides support requires that the slideshow is viewable to anyone with the link
  • Google Slides requires yo
  • Loading large PDF files may take a while to load
  • Rounded camera mode for camera overlays does not work well with manually cropping a camera
  • Additional Device settings for camera are not yet available in the properties window
  • For Google Slides, object animations are not fully supported yet
  • There’s currently no undo / redo functionality for annotations
  • Password-protected PDFs are not fully supported yet
  • Audio files embedded in Google Slides will not play
  • XSplit Presenter is currently limited to one Project. We are planning on multiple projects support in the application workspace
  • Customizable hotkey support is not available yet
  • Thumbnails may occasionally update incorrectly.
  • Force-closing the application while a Presentation is being connected and loaded may result in a broken Project
  • When changing the URL value of an existing webpage overlay, you need to manually type the protocol (http:// or https://)
  • On some setups, your recording might have distorted or desynced audio
  • On certain system configurations, the system tray notification for a completed recording may not be visible