Lag switching scenes

I use Broadcaster to do live DJ Sets and stream them on youtube and twitch. I have noticed lately that switching between scenes started to lag more and more. I have nothing fancy going on… Background 2 or 3 webcams , one or two gif animations running and 3 stream labs commands (twitch chat, cheer and follow popup and the twitch emotes on the screen).
i tried to disable the thumbnail previews and it works fine then ?!?!? I do want to keep the previews because in some of my presentations i have like 20-30 different scenes. Is the number of Scenes the problem? because at the beginning with fewer scenes everything worked fine.

please help me out.

Cheers, Michael

Could you experiment with keeping all possible sources in memory. One thing that might help if you can package up your presentation using Presentation Packager extension and then upload it to somewhere like google drive and send it to me via DM on the forums.

I have all sources set to keep in memory. will try to package up the presentations and upload em .

Thanx for the help.


Some other information that would be good to know is the exact version of XSplit Broadcaster you’re using. You can find this by going to the help menu and then clicking about.

4.042007.2909 is the version i have installed

were you able to get anything out of it ?!?

I think I some how missed this and didn’t download the file (which is no longer available). Also just to double check, did you use the presentation packager to zip up the presentation with all necessary files?