Last running Windows 7 Version of X Split doesnt capture Windows Sound anymore

Hi X Split people.

Im pretty sure something broke with the last Windows 7 update, i havent changed a thing in my settings or my setup but after the forced update XSplit just doesnt capture any Windows internal sounds anymore.

The same is true for hdmi sound. It gets played in Windows, you can hear it but it wont be captured by X Split. I double checked everything, nothing is muted, everything is directed to the headphones/system sound (i also tried using the “deafult speakers” setting). How do i capture my desktop audio? The sound capturing works perfectly in OBS, but i personally prefer X Split and would like to be able to listen to my “desktop sound” and capture it at the same time.

Is that still possible somehow? You can even see the audio levels in the Windows audio mixer movin up and down, its very confusing.

I even took some screenshots to further explain the issue, sadly the forum doesnt allow me to add any media or links to the pictures in this thread. So yeah guess im gonna describe what you see on the different pictures cause the only option i have…

Picture 1 ----> Shows my Audio system settings in X Split are set to High Definition Audio Device Headphones
Picture 2 ----> Shows the X Split internal soundmixer not reacting at all being set to High Definition Audio Devices/Headphones and the Windows soundmixer showing volume and sounds going on in X Split as well as the Mediaplayer i had running in the back to test.

On a side note i have to say this whole support and troubleshoot experience has been horrible so far. I wanted to ask people in the official X Split Discord for support to but i couldnt say a word in that chat cause you are only allowed to write in it if you give your phone number out?! O_o
And in this forum i cant share pictures or links to describe the issue, its been a horriblly frustrating experience so far. Why does X Split make it so difficult for its users to get support or just be able to communicate the issues properly?

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.

You can copy/paste images in this forums… and the WYSIWYG will do the magic.


As a new user in this forum i couldnt link the url to imgbb and i wasnt able to upload pictures. Why would you make something this useful for sharing a problem a locked feature? Well now that i earned the rights to share pictures in a forum. Here are the pictures, we got hdmi sound in X Split and im hearing it but desktop sound wont be captured at all, no windows system sound at all.

Yo need to have System Sound as Default speakers, what configuration do you have?