Latest upgrade no longer shows any backgrounds

Took the latest upgrade and said yes to converting my old backgrounds, but now none of them work. Removed them all and added new ones, also not working. backgroung is just black

TIA for any help

Thank you for reaching out to us, could you provide screenshot of your VCam app showing the issue on your end?

Hi, as requested, screenshot.




We’re unable to view this screenshot, it appears to be missing the part of the code that’s before the (. Can you reupload that screenshot?

xsplit Capture xsplit Capture

That problem was meant to have been fixed in the most recent update. Try uninstalling VCam first, then redownload the installer and reinstall that.


Hi, I have removed and reinstalled and removed, rebooted and reinstalled. Youtube video works and webpage and Unsplash Photo, but media file, jpg or mp4 do not work



What are the filenames for backgrounds that you’re uploading? The issue was known to happen when special characters are included in the filenames.

Hi @cjmh01, besides checking the special character in the file path, do you have the media files stored in a network drive? VCam currently does not support UNC file paths.
You can map the network drive (Here’s a guide on how to map a network drive or copy the files to your machine drive then add as background.

Hi, all files are stored locally on the laptop. I have renamed any file with special characters and it still does not work for jpg or mp4



@cjmh01 May we request for MSinfo file and DebugView log.

Here is a guide on how to generate the MSinfo file -

To get the DebugView logs, please follow the steps here -

Please try this too:

  1. Delete the cefcache folder C:\ProgramData\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit VCam\cefcache
  2. Run VCam again and see if you still have the issue


I deleted the cefache folder and did not migrate my library over, it then started with 4 photos already installed and they work fine, but none of my photos or movies work. MS info and Debug attached.

I have the Log and NFO files but your website will not allow me to attach them.



Hi @cjmh01,

Please send the files thru XSplit Support Chat or upload them in Dropbox or Google Drive and share us the link. We had a similar case report and the debuglog helped us find the cause of the issue. Thank you!

chris honeNFO.json (1.9 MB) xplitLOG.json (70.5 KB)

I have renamed the file extensions to JSON to get past your file loading restrictions one file is NFO and one file is LOG



Thanks very much Chris! Will investigate this and will keep you posted.

Hi Chris,

Based on your logs, we noticed the files you’ve added are using UNC path (ex: "\\\\\\EuropeUserData\\Edinburgh\\chone\\Documents\\My Pictures\\Abbey\\1download.jpg"), and UNC path are currently not supported. You can try to:

Map the path as a drive so you can add any media file from that drive. Here’s a guide on how to map a network drive


You can copy the files directly to your local drive (so it will use for example C:… or D:… in the file path) and add it in VCam.

Many thanks that has worked for both video and jpeg.



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