Latest Version Crashing Frequently?

Recently updated to VCam 2.0.2010.0601 and now it seems to be crashing and re-launching a LOT. I’m using it with a Logitech 920, is any one else having these issues? I’ve repaired and reinstalled but this hasn’t fixed the issue. Just wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing issues since the last update.

It crashed like 17 times in 4 hours and fills the system tray with VCam Icons.

@CombatMedic02 We have another user with the same issue. Please contact our support team via chat in so we can get logs and dump files.

Seems to be fixed now. Either the latest update fixed it (2.0.2010.2901) or opening the file explorer, navigating to %programdata%\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit VCam then deleting the CEFCACHE folder fixed it. Had it open for 4 hours today and it didn’t crash, wasn’t streaming though but I assume it’s fixed.

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