Launch of the XSplit forum!

:tada::speech_balloon::tada: XSPLIT FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT :tada::speech_balloon::tada:

Well, well, well. Look where we are. We’re launching a brand new forum to help bring the community together and to make it easier to find topics and discussions our users are already having.

Many moons ago, XSplit had a forum but for one reason or another we took it down. As you can see, that all changes today. β€œWhy?” you might ask. We believe an open forum is the perfect place for like-minded users to come together and share both their experiences and expertise for the better.

We want to provide an environment where you can showcase things your working on but also come here for inspiration on things you can do to improve your broadcast or recordings and become the ultimate content creator.

So please, look around, make some posts and don’t be shy! :smiley: