Lifetime VCam license that needs upgrade to remove watermark?

I have owned a VCam lifetime license, now I have a watermark with a button that says in order to remove it I need to upgrade my license. I see there is now another VCam lifetime license available for $50. Is this really what is happening? I get my existing lifetime license downgraded with a watermark and am being asked to re-buy my lifetime license at a higher cost to get rid of it?

Thank you.

Hi! Make sure to logout first then login again – that may be needed in order to refresh your VCam window with your lifetime license.

If it’s still showing the watermark, logout first then re-sync your system time. The servers sometimes have errors updating the license if it’s not synced with the internet time:

Logging in did fix my problem, but I am not too happy with how this came about. Originally I didn’t require a logon and when it first came up I had a preso and couldn’t use my came because my default browser ‘which I can’t change’ wouldn’t support your logon process. I later realized I could skip the logon and have been doing so ever since. The new problem came where it wanted me to upgrade to remove the watermark… the message is misleading and I don’t know why the watermark just started showing up. Again its fixed, I appreciated the quick response, but wasn’t too happy on the series of events.

I will say that the improved background filter (several months back) is much better than before so kudos there!

Thanks much.

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You’re welcome! Just to clarify that a bit more: The “skip login” option logs you into VCam as a guest – it would show the “upgrade” prompt because you wouldn’t be logged in with your account that has an active VCam license on it…

I am having same problem. I am receiving button to ‘remove watermark’ and directed to purchase an upgrade. I have logged out and rebooted. I have purchased lifetime license and am not happy about this downgrade

Hello there, JVcampsx! We appreciate you reaching out to us on this :slight_smile:

Your VCam license is bound to the email address associated with your XSplit account. In order for your VCam application to recognize the license you purchased, the right XSplit account should be log in on VCam’s login page.

If this does not work, you may try these steps below to so we can properly redo the entire log in process:

  1. Click the menu at the upper left corner of the VCam app > log out from the app. Once logged out, close the app.
  2. Open your browser, then go to
  3. Log out your account from the website.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies
  5. Once that’s done, close the browser
  6. Run XSplit VCam once again, then log in using XSplit and the right email address again.

Once successfully logged in, the watermark should be gone :slight_smile: