Local Recording Glitching problem. Help Plse!

I used to not have this problem, but now when I do my local recordings I get video glitches all through the recordings. I do not know how to solve this issue so could use some help. The following is one of other videos that have these glitches. The glitches start around 1:55 mark but as you keep watching the recording you will see these same glitches all through the video.

It wont let me place a link so just add the youtube url in front of this so you can see first hand whats going on. /watch?v=iOMSKsKuEhs

I could really use some help with this. I am a lifetime members of Xsplit, I love it but this is a serious problem for me. I am at work right now but I set my recordings to record at best quality, but I did this in the past and did not have these glitches until now for some reason.

Hi! Please send a screenshot of the Local Recording Properties you’re using for that recording – we’ll check first if it’s just some adjustments to be made in the recording settings.

this? ^^

Does the recording still pixelate or blur like that if you change the codec to x264, instead of NVENC?

What is the difference between the two? I changed the setting to what you told me but it might be a couple days before I can check recordings.

NVENC uses your NVIDIA GPU to encode the video footage, while x264 uses your CPU.

Occasionally there are some problems with NVENC that may be related to NVIDIA driver updates – this is why we’re trying to rule out if it only happens when you’re on NVENC.

Ill get back with you on Monday when Im off work. I do a recording then see how it goes.
thanks for replying