Local Streaming Only Sends blank screen

I’m using a licensed version of XSplit. I have added a local streaming output. When I broadcast to the output, it only sends a blank screen. Other devices on the network act like there is a connection, but only blank screen is displayed. I’ve tried viewing the stream using SplitMediaLabs, VLC Media Player, XSplit, etc. All act like they are receiving signal, but only blank screen. Any suggestions? I’m using all default settings for the stream.

can anyone help me??

Hi there! Just to clarify, when you opened the link that popped up when local streaming started, I understand that you got RTMP URL there, correct?


And then to try and preview it on Broadcaster, you went for adding it as the RTMP (Flash) source? Like this: https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster/manual/sources/streams#rtmp

After all that, it still appears blank for you?