Logi Capture feed not working

My logicapture feed has stopped working.
i’ve installed the latest version of Xsplit vcam (2.1.2102.2601) and it has stopped working with the logi capture source.
Logi Capture is still recognised and listed as a source but once selected it simply fails to pick up the feed.

There was also Logi Capture upgrade to 2.06.8

So these two updates appear to have broken the connection between Logi Capture and Xsplit vcam.

Xsplit vcam 2.1.2102.2601
Front-end 2.1.2102.0905
Driver 1.0.2009.1502

Hello there! Do you mean you are selecting XSplit VCam as webcam on Logitech Capture? If yes, may I ask what it shows or does not show on the list of camera? Could you provide us a screenshot of it?

Or, do you mean you are using Logitech Capture as webcam on XSplit VCam? If yes, can you make sure that show virtual camera is enable on XSplit VCam settings > applications?

Well xsplit doesn’t seem to pick up a feed from logi capture, but logi capture will pick up a feed from xsplit.

But if I use xsplit -> logi capture then I lose all the logi capture controls over the camera eg pan/tilt/exposure (which frankly are far easy to use than in xsplit).

BTW xsplit will recognise my camera directly and my built in camera directly.

BTW my set up of taking C922 source into logi capture and from there into Xsplit out to the video app has worked to date but has stopped working with the latest logi capture and xsplit updates.

Thank you for the screenshots, on the first screenshot it seems LogiCapture is selected and it is working. While on the third screenshot it is not? May I ask what is the difference in the setup on this screenshot?

On the 3rd screenshot, where you intending to use Logi Capture or your C922 Pro Stream Webcam? Note that a webcam can only be used on one app at a time hence the error camera is not available

I have two cameras - an inbuilt HD camera and a separate c922 camera

In the first screenshot it is not working.
I had logicapture taking the feed from the c922 and Xsplit was taking the feed from HD camera. On selecting logicapture in Xsplit it fails to pick up the video feed from logicapture and continues to show the HD camera - you can see that the video doesn’t match.

In the second screenshot Xplit is picking up the c922 camera and logicapture is picking up the feed from xsplit - that is working correctly but the opposite way round to what I want. In that set up it is xsplit that is controlling the camera rather than me being able to use the logicapture controls.

In the third screenshot it is not working - like the first screenshot. I was logicapture taking input from the c922 camera. Xsplit was set to the c922 (like in the second screenshot) and gave the error because logicapture was controlling it first. Even though I then changed xsplit to logicapture (as you can see in the screenshot) it failed to take the input from logicapture and instead continued to report camera is not available.

No other answers ?
Seems its an ongoing problem then.

Hi, our devs have recently released an update for VCam. It’s not yet available through the in-app update prompt, so you’ll have to uninstall VCam first then redownload the installer for Version 2.2.2103.2502 from the main XSplit site: https://www.xsplit.com/vcam

Are you still having problems with the Logi Capture feed in that version of VCam?

Hi, thanks for the pointer… uninstalled the old version and have installed 2.2.2103.2502

Unfortunately no joy, still not recognising input from the Logi Capture virtual cam

We would recommend contacting Support via live chat to continue troubleshooting this, since they will need to collect some logs from you in order to better identify and solve the cause for this problem. You can reach Support here:

I am also having the same issue here.
For me, ​it seems that the virtual camera from Logitech Capture is the problem.

How to test .

  1. Open Logitech capture and select the C922 (streamcam for me)
  2. open Microsoft teams and go to settings => devices and on the bottom you can select cameras.
    Xsplit vcam works, Streamcam works directly, but the virtual cam for logitech does not.

I fixed it by removing Logitech Capture and reinstalling it.