Logi Capture not available as input to VCam

The virtual camera “Logi Capture” created by Logitech Capture is not available as an input to VCam (but is seen as an available input by OBS, Google Meet, etc.). Logi Capture enables features of Logitech Stream Cam that are not available directly in VCam (e…g, face tracking)

Is there a reason VCam does not allow other virtual cameras as input (such as Logi Capture , OBS-Camera, etc?

i own a logitech brio 4K Pro and i’ve used “Logi Capture”. it is an “ok” program, but it has its faults. firstly, it can’t remove the background like VCam is able to do. secondly, “Logi Capture” is an eyesore when it minimizes to the taskbar. I call that Task Bar “Hogging.” VCam minimizes neatly to the System Tray, where it is out of sight.

That said, I do wish VCam had a “Rule-of-Thirds” Grid super-imposed over the VCam image. That would tell me if my video cam image is correctly centered. Let’s hope that maybe the good people who make VCam can add a Rule-of-Thirds grid as a selectable option.

I must admit, I am not aware of the face tracking feature available in “Logi Capture.” I switched off of “Logi Capture” to VCam a week or two ago.

My desired flow is Logi Capture -> VCam -> Meet/Teams/etc. This way Logi Capture can provide the face tracking and then VCam can provide the virtual background. Really like VCam for the virtual background capability and intend to keep using it. F

To be fair, Logi Capture only recognizes Logitech physical camera devices (and then only newer cameras - it does not recognize a Logitech QuickCam that VCam does recognize).

Hi there, at the moment VCam is not yet fully compatible with other virtual camera’s like Logitech Capture, OBS camera, XSplit Broadcaster camera and alike. For now what I can recommend is post this as a feature request here https://ideas-xvc.xsplit.com/

I understand your preference for the flow you describe. You believe the “face tracking” in VCam doesn’t meet or exceed that which is available in Logi Capture?

EDIT: well, now that i look at Logi Capture output, it is fairly sharp.

This doesn’t make sense as before it was able to, there’s even a video from 2019 by Logitech showing how to do it. Are you saying that it isn’t fully compatible now due to the update?

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Hi! Just an acknowledgement that you have already seen the explanation to this from another thread :slight_smile: Thank you for understanding!

For those who are looking to know the reason why VCam 2.0 is not showing up on Logicapture, please refer to this thread:

Thank you!

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Hey! Have you any updated on this matter? Using Vcam as a source in Logitech Capture or any other application as a virtual camera source is a must !

Lots of people are waiting for this feature. I mean in its current state Vcam is not worth their license IMO.


Hi there, J!

We understand. Many people are indeed looking forward to this fix.

While our devs are working on this, A possible workaround is to use XSplit Broadcaster, then add VCam as a source, then select Broadcaster as your source in Logicapture.

Please let us know if you have other questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this.

The latest version of Logitech Capture (2.04.13) can now detect VCam 2.0. :slight_smile:
If you want to use Capture as the source in VCam, then enable “Show virtual cameras” first in Menu -> Settings -> Application, then select Capture in the camera options.

I already tried but is not working :frowning:

Hi there, may I ask which version of Logitech Capture and VCam are you currently using? Could you provide a screenshot of it?

And, the issue you are having is you are not able select VCam as a camera on Logitech Capture correct?