Login doesn't work

Starting today, Login to VCAM account doesn’t work from the app - browser page opening up but no login, and XSplit logo remains on video feed.
This worked fine last week.
I have a lifetime VCAM license, so expect it to work when I need it…
Is there a known issue with login?

Hello there, sorry to hear about your issue. Is it still happening on your end? If yes, can you try reinstalling VCam app and make sure you are using the latest version from here https://www.xsplit.com/vcam

I have the same issue. Was this somehow resolved?

This issue was known to happen with some slightly earlier versions of VCam, particularly if you were on the PTR build that was linked awhile back. What version number does it show if you go to Help > About in your VCam window?

I disabled the WSS agent that was installed on my laptop, and it was able to authenticate
I reported to XSplit-support that this workaround may not work if/when disabling WSS agent is not allowed - asked them to address

Just got the same issue - can’t login in the VCam - “Something went wrong authorizing your account with XSplit.”

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Hi! Which browser tab did it open when VCam attempted to log you in through the XSplit website?

Brave. It works better (at least able to login) if I disable ad-blocking in Brave, but anyway it can’t remember login and requires re-authorization on reboot.

Try changing the default browser to Chrome or Firefox instead, and see if it still has the same issue.

I just tried with Crome & Edge as default browsers. For both of them it works, but doesn’t save my creds, so I have to re-login every time on reboot (or even XSplit restart).

Also (and I think it may be the same issue) it doesn’t save ‘remove loading screen’ settings as well. On each restart/reboot it has a default ‘off’ value

Here’s something to try that we recently discovered with Brave browser problems. Have you tried switching off Brave Shield in the XSplit website?

brave shield off = works, but when it is on it does not work. You should try to fix that