Login every time when starting VCam

Hi Team,
I have the perpetual license. I have to login every time when I start VCam.

[Unfortunately the link to my default browser (Chrome) is not working (is coming not back with content). When using Firefox, the link works.]

My wish would be that VCam remembers the login and starts without going the way via the browser at all. (As it has worked before - yesterday)

I’m using Windows 10 (2004 / 19041.508) and VCam 2.0.2008.2201



BTW: I removed VCam and installed it from scratch. Still the same.

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Same here. Every time I close the app or restart my computer I have to login again through the browser. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling as suggested in another topic, to no avail.

  • XSplit VCam version 2.0.2008.2201 (lifetime license)
  • Windows 10 Pro version 2004 build 19041.450
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) version 85.0.564.51

EDIT: The problem also occurs with PTR 2.0.2008.2502, and with Mozilla Firefox version 80.0.1. I also tried linking my Twitch account to my XSplit account, and to log in with Twitch, but nothing changes.

Me too - only started today, have reinstalled, switched from PTR to official and back.

Have sent a debug to support but glad it’s not just me.

Same here. But even after I log back into my premium account (which doesn’t expire until November), my VCam still shows a watermark. I contacted customer support via the chat and they directed me to delete the program, restart my computer, reinstall the program, log in, and see if that fixed it. I did all that and it still has the watermark. Frustrating…

We have just released an update that should fix this, could you relaunch VCam and try again? If still does not work, try to relogin to refresh your account.

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Now resolved for me. Thanks.

Thank you for getting back to us and confirming that the issue has now been resolved on your end!

Solved for me as well. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@mantel Thank you for confirming!