Logitech Brio 4K streamer edition only in 1080p

Hello every one,
I have a problem that if I add my Brio 4K streamer eddition in to the scene its default set to only 720p when I go to

settings > configure > video output > resolution

I can set it manually to 1080p but never to 4K,
I do use the default cable that was in package with camera with no extension cords. It is plugged in to 3.1 Hub on motherboard and I made sure thru ASUS dodcumentation that nothing else is pluged in to that hub either. I also bought a different 3.0 type C to USB A cable and tried to swap it with no success to increase quality. If I use OBS or Logitech Capture the camera is using the 4K resolution.

Can some one help if it just missing settings or something?

Thank you!

Hi! Can you send us screenshots of the settings for the Logitech BRIO’s resolution in XSplit Broadcaster, OBS, and Logitech Capture? For comparison of the settings where it goes up to 4K in the others, but gets limited to 1080p in XSplit Broadcaster.

I am having the same issue with the Brio 4K Streamer Edition. Capture shows 4K but even when I use Capture as the input in Xsplit the output maxes at FullHD.

Hello! Could you right click on the Logitech BRIO you added in XSplit Broadcaster then go to Configure > Video Output and set resolution to 4k there?

I’m no longer using the other software so I can’t provede those scrennshots but here is my Xsplit setting