Logitech C920 Webcam Lag?

I’ve been getting back into streaming after being away for about a year, and I noticed that my Logitech C920 webcam is having a real problem importing to XSplit Broadcaster.

The frames that are sent to my broadcaster, before they even go out to Twitch, are a second or so behind my actual movements. I was able to fix this problem last week, but I’m not specifically sure what I did. It was some combination of removing and reinstalling drivers and restarting my pc, but over the course of my ~1 hour stream, the webcam lag was gradually worsening.

Anybody have experience or advice?

If you go to the video input properties of your camera source in XSplit

Untick Auto and then drag the slider around, does it have any effect?


The issue was gone when I booted up xsplit for the first time today, but whe I relaunched the program, the lag was back and adjusting the exposure changed nothing about the lag.

Do you have many other USB devices plugged in, if so which ones?

I have a few USB devices

Insignia keyboard
Viper mouse
Elgato mini streak deck
Ring light (power only)
and then the webcam itself

I’ve also been trying to get a controller visualizer to work, to show inputs from an xbox one controller in real time on the stream. I’ve used a browser based option (https://gamepadviewer.com/) and an application (https://ojdproject.com/) and both window captures are lagging as well, could it be an issue with xsplit and external inputs?

Just a hunch, could you try using the latest version of Public Test Release (PTR) and see if you get the issue there - https://www.xsplit.com/ptr - If you still see the same issue, could you try going to Tools > Settings > Advanced and change Video Processing Mode from Legacy to GPU. Please do let me know if that fixes it for you or not.

Might also be good to know your system specs too.

We actually have a gamepad visualizer source you can use directly inside of XSplit Broadcaster.


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The PTR seems to have fixed the issue for now

I ended up using the gamepad visualizer within Xsplit, it worked well

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