Looking for audio routing help with VoiceMeeter potato + Xsplit broadcaster

I assume this is more of a voicemeeter fix but was hoping someone reads this and could maybe tell me what I am doing wrong.

ISSUE: I am unable to set the Xsplit Broadcaster system sound to one of the virtual outputs, only one of the virtual inputs.

DETAIL: I have the 3 virtual inputs and Xsplit lets me choose one of them, lets say VAIO3/B3 for system sound. So every program that outputs to VAIO3 will go through to Xsplit.

WHAT I WANT TO DO: If I could set system sound to a virtual output (for ease of explanation lets use VAIO AUX) every program I had sending sound signals from any of the virtual inputs (VAIO/B1, VAIO AUX/B2, VAIO3/B3) I could just click the button in the in put routing to send it to Virtual Output VAIO AUX/B2.

WHY THIS IS A PROBLEM: So right now I can only choose the one virtual input for system sound for xsplit. So I will start the stream with 5-10 min of music while I go over things with my guest on a discord call. the problem is that if I want to talk to my guest while we are prestreaming, I have to change the system sound source in Xsplit to a different channel and put the audio source there. then when we go live I have to manually change the system source in xsplit back. This is also a pain in the ass because when I can’t use VM to route my audio, I have no way of muting it from my headset without muting it for the stream. If it were using virtual outputs I could still have the audio source signal send to the stream but not my headset.

I may be missing something simple and voicemeeter was a hard time for me setting up but in other streaming software that had individual audio source meeters, I was able to control everything very easy. xSplit has System and Mic and thats it.

Hey @brown.nate - I haven’t managed to read your entire post yet but have you checked out the PTR version of XSplit Broadcaster? - https://www.xsplit.com/ptr

You mention:

WHY THIS IS A PROBLEM: So right now I can only choose the one virtual input for system sound for xsplit.

In the PTR version, you should now be able to select more inputs and outputs to add as devices to the audio mixer.

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