Low FPS when using my Canon as Webcam


So, I got myself a canon and wanted to test it as webcam since there is a Driver for it.

But when I use it with xsplit I tend to have around 10fps and a stuttering video.

I tested it with another software and there it was smooth.

Are there some other settings to adjust?


Mainboard: Gigabyte X470 AORUS

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x

GPU: EVGA Nvidia 1060

And 16 GB Ram

Cam is a Canon EOS 700D (German Version) But still works fine with other tools, but want it to work in xsplit :3

thx in advance

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Hi there, when you add the Canon camera as source could you right click on it then send me a screenshot of the settings found on Configure > Video Output and Input?

And, screenshot of XSplit Broadcaster Tools > Settings > Advanced tab.

thx for the fast answer:
Settings form Cam Source:

(idk what Video Output does but when i click on it noting happens)

Settings in Xsplit Advance Tab:

On Configure, open video input then video output and send screenshot of it’s settings there.

And, do a test where you change the video processing mode in the advanced tab to Prefer GPU and see if you would have the same issue

So Prefer GPU did no changes

About the Configure settings…

When i hit Video Output should sth open then ?
My cam actually only switches the mirror for a short time thats it.
So maybe there is a software based issue with the driver.
I currently found a little workaround that works a little
When I i set the canon on OBS and use OBS as webcam source.
But maybe it gets fixed on a reinstallation of the drivers

did you resolve? :slight_smile: I have similar issues and I just realized I have a camcorder connected to the Xsplit

Hi! We’ll need some more details about the issues you’re encountering with your camcorder source.

  1. Which specific camcorder (brand/model) are you using as a source in XSplit Broadcaster?
  2. What similar issues are you seeing? Is it also lag or loss of FPS in the camera source?
  3. Have you also tried changing the Video processing mode in XSplit Broadcaster’s advanced settings?

We’ll also make sure that you’re on the current version of XSplit Broadcaster. What version number does it show if you go to Help > About inside the XSplit Broadcaster window?