Low sensitivity when playing some games but not others

Like the title says I get low sensitivity in some games like r6 or modern warfare when even just opening gamecaster but not in other games like Tarkov is there a known way to fix this?

Hey, I don’t stream too much, but also noticed an issue with this when trying to stream CODMW today. My main screen refresh is 144 (capped at 141) and 2nd monitor is 60. Game is smooth until i start streaming, and then it locks to 60 fps but also has some wicked input lag and almost feels like its stuttering.

The support told me its something to do with how the games are using a specific DX12 setup that causes this issue. I’ve heard some people say turning off Windows 10 game bar works, but I haven’t tried it yet. I am also having issues streaming Doom Eternal (it doesn’t even show up at all…)